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Elegant Landscape Lighting

Terrain Lighting specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of custom landscape and architectural lighting solutions for discriminating homeowners throughout Florida and Georgia.

Custom lighting for enchanted evenings

Always designed to your individual taste, Terrain Lighting works with you or your architect to custom design beautiful outdoor lighting solutions that will transform your home’s finest exterior features into the envy of your neighborhood.

Increasing curb appeal and property value our lighting solutions will allow your family and friends to enjoy more hours of outdoor activities by creating a well-designed atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.

Keeping your property and family safe and secure

Every property needs to feel secure. Our landscape lighting will help to increase your security, discouraging criminal behavior, increase visibility at night for pathways, entrances and all areas around the home.

Best investment I have ever made in lighting !! Greened up my carbon footprint without sacrificing the beauty of my home at night.

Jack has been Johnny on the spot whenever I have needed service(I ran over a light twice, my bad ) I would not hesitate to recommend Jack !!!

- Jerry Agresti

Reflections of palms

A few shots of an Orange Park Country Club home where the landscaping by Pat’s Nursery made it easy for me to look like a lighting genius.  The reflections of the palms in the pool came out amazing, and best of all, the homeowner loved it.

Outdoor Lighting - Design - Installation - Maintenance

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